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From January 2017

A BRI researcher (Dept. of Building Materials and Components) served as a co-chair with a NIST(USA) researcher at "The Symposium on the Durability of Building and Construction Sealant and Adhesives", ASTM, Toronto(Canada) on 14-15th June 2017.
A BRI researcher (Dept. of Fire Engineering) gave a research presentation at IAFSS(International Association for Fire Safety Science) Symposium held in Lund (Sweden), 12-15th June 2017.

A researcher of the Dept. of Structural Engineering, BRI gave a lecture at Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. as a part of IISEE's training course on 24th January 2017. (
A researcher of IISEE, BRI gave a lecture to the delegations of KICT(Korea) on earthquake observation technology on 21st June 2017.

Students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited BRI on 19th May 2017
BRI researcher gave a lecture to the trainees from Myanmar as a part of JICA Training Program for Housing Policy in Myanmar, 6th April 2017

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