Department of Structural Engineering

The Department of Structural Engineering studies the safety and performances of buildings, such as ease of repair and functions. It develops methods of designing structures and evaluating their performances so as to meet present public demand, identifies design loads and external forces, and studies advanced structural technologies.
Department of Structural Engineering
A horizontal force test of a prestressed concrete structure.

Research and Development Subject List

MEMBERS (Last Update: Dec. 01,2016)

Name Position Research Field
Yasuo Okuda, Dr. Director Wind Engineering
Namihiko Inoue Chief Research Engineer The Building Standard Law and Structure Related Regulations
Tsutomu Hirade, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Building Foundation Structure
Takashi Hasegawa, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Steel Structure
Hiroshi Arai, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Earthquake Engineering: Building Foundation and Geotechnical Engineering
Tomohisa Mukai, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Earthquake Engineering, Performance Based Seismic Design
Takehiko Tanuma Senior Research Engineer RC Structure, Concrete Engineering
Yasuhiro Araki, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Wood Structure
Hiroto Nakagawa, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Ground Vibration
Masanobu Sakashita, Dr. Senior Research Engineer RC Structure
Akihiro Nakamura, Dr. Research Engineer RC Structure, Earthquake Engineering
Norihito Miki, Dr. Research Engineer Steel Structure

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