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Study on Land Use Planning of Yokkaich City.

City Planning Research Section; January, 1961. 17p.


Yokkaichi is a new industrial city where the built-up areas are expected to rapidly develop owing to the successive establishment of large factories in recent years. In order to meet this situation, the city authorities have been making investigation as to what the city should le like in future. Expert specialists in the fields of economics, geography, industry, housing, harbors, etc. were commissioned with the study through the National Land Planning Association. Here is introduced a proposed plan for land use which was prepared on the basis of the results of their respective studies and of the results of various surveys of the actual condition of land use. The population set for 1975 in the plan is 300,000. This is a master plan on the bases of which the official plan according to the City Planning Law will be prepared.

The plan was prepared by the staff members of the City Planning Research Section, First Research Division, Ministry of Construction Building Research Institute.

Nov. 1960
Division Chief: Goro Shinkai
City Planning Research Section:
Tadashi Higasa
Hisashi Irisawa
Akira Konno
Hiromu Sugiyama

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