Towards the Realization of Safe, Secure and Sustainable Housing, Buildings and Urban Communities

ooooThe Building Research Institute (BRI) is a National Research and Development Agency with 70 years of history, which aims to bring sound and orderly development to housing, building and urban community. For this purpose, it conducts technological investigation, testing, R&D (research and development) on housing, building, and urban planning, and training programs on seismology and earthquake engineering, as well as technical guidance and dissemination of their results. Based on a fair and neutral perspective, the BRI strives to maximize the results of R&D in order to contribute to the stable development of national economy and public welfare through the improvement in science and technology.
oooo"To realize sustainable housing, buildings and urban communities" is the goal set in the fourth medium to long-term objectives (FY 2016 to 2021) directed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In order to achieve this goal, the BRI has prepared two programs in its fourth medium to long-term plan: the "Safe and Secure Program" and the "Sustainable Program." It is conducting various R&D activities that contribute to mitigation of building damage caused by natural disasters or fires, reduction of CO2 emissions, etc. The R&D is carried out in cooperation with stakeholders from industrial and academic sectors, and the results will be shown to the public via new governmental policies and/or technical standards related to building technology. These policies and standards will be utilized for technology development, design and construction by the private-sectors. The training programs on seismology and earthquake engineering, designed to give training to the engineers from developing countries, will also contribute to the global advancement of earthquake disaster prevention and countermeasures
ooooIn order to meet the expectations of the society, the BRI will conduct priority R&D, and work on necessary basic and leading R&D from long-term perspective while focusing on securing and cultivating human resources.

April, 2017

Chief Exective

Dr. MIDORIKAWA Mitsumasa
Ph.D in Engineering


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