The Building Research Institute (BRI) has issued many publications on its researches and developments. Among them, the following two publications are written in English.
BRI Research Paper (Occasional publication)
  A journal composed of research papers from research that has been conducted over several years.
BRI Proceedings (Occasional publication)
  Minutes of international conferences and workshops hosted by BRI.

For the following two publications, only the titles and the abstracts are written in English.

Building Research Report (Occasional publication)
  These are the collected results for research activities and part of the activities conducted.
Building Research Data(Occasional publication)
  These are the research data for disaster investigations, urban house study results, technical standard plans, earthquake records, and etc.

The following publications written in Japanese can be read from the BRI's Japanese web page.

  •The BRI Annual Report
•BRI Research Information (Occasional publication)
•Epistula (newsletter)

The BRI's International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (IISEE) also has issued many publications in English separately from BRI's publications.(Go to the IISEE's website)

Other Materials
Presentation Materials
  Presentation materials regarding the BRI's researches and surveys can be viewed.
Computer Programs
  Useful programs for research and survey developed by BRI can be downloaded for free.
BRI Research Supports Japan's Power of Building Technology
  Feature articles published in the Japan Journal in order to help people in foreign countries understand the BRI's activities.

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