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A Practical Method for the Analysis of Space Truss Shell Structures.

M.Ozaki; September, 1968. 17p.


This paper deals with a practical method for the stress analysis of space truss plates and shells having fine meshes.

In its formulation small basic elements, which themselves constitute space truss plates or shells, are isolated from the main structure of which they are a part, and their fundamental differential equations are derived after setting up the equations of equilibrium and compatibility.

This paper is divided into two parts. In part II, a theory for the analysis of space truss plates and shells is presented and compared with the ordinary theory of isotropic plates and shells. Part III then follows with an example of the calculations for a cylindrical space truss shell applying this analytical method.

The calculated values of the displacements of representative points and the stresses in representative members of the shell induced by its dead load are shown in diagrams respectively.

The accuracy of this calculation is checked by considering the equilibrium requirements for the total forces.

* Manuscript received on June 12, 1968.
** Research Member of Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction

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