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On the Systematic Method for Selecting Building Materials.

Research Group of Systematic Method for Selecting Building Materials; November, 1968. 52p.


The main purpose of this study, on the systematic method for selecting building materials, is to make a system of rational method to solve the problem of how to choose and how to use the building materials.

To progress this study, it needs to define the many required conditions that are derived from safety or agreeableness for human activity and to clarify the properties of materials concerned with the above conditions.

Therefore, it is not too much to say that almost all of the studies for building materials are included in this study.

And also, this study, as it were, the new approach in investigating for building materials.

This paper presents the fundamental theory, procedure, progress of this study,including concrete examples and the application of computer for this study in the future.

* Manuscript received on August 16, 1968.
** Research Member of Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction.
S.Fujii, Dr.Eng., K.Shirayama ,Dr.Eng., K.Imaizumi, Dr.Eng.,
J.Kondo ,K.Kamimura, Dr.Eng., F.Saito, T.Nireki, K.Kawai,
M.Chatani, Dr.Eng., S.Oka

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