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A Case-study of the Development of a Medium Height Prefabricated Concrete Housing.

Y.Kameda, K.Kawagoe, K.Nakano, K.Imaizumi, K.Shinozawa, M.Chatani; March, 1968. 60p.


A case-study of a medium height prefabricated concrete housing for the use of publicly operated housing has been carried out by the Building Research Institute since 1966.

The skeleton of the housing structure consists of prefabricated reinforced concrete components which are assembled together by means of prestressing bars.

During these four years, several pilot constructions have been performed;including a housing for BRI officials (8 units, 4 storeys), publicly operated apartment houses in Kanagawa Prefecture (4 buildings: 24 units, 4 storeys each) and an apartment house for a private firm ( 30 units, 5 storey).

In the present report, the results of synthetic investigation performed on the occasion of constructing the above BRI officials' housing are described.

Although there have been revealed many items which should be improved, the proposed housing construction would have ample possibility to be successfully applied for publicly operated housing construction.

* Manuscript received on January 29, 1969.
** Research Member of Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction

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