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Proposal for Offshore Building Standards.

M.Ozaki, H.Iwasaki; August, 1971. 26p.


In recent years, the demand for utilization of marine space has been highlighted so remarkably that the construction of offshore buildings as a living space of mankind seems to be rapidly increased.

This draft for Offshore Building Standards has been made out in order to specify the minimum requirements concerning location, construction and application of offshore buildings as well as to protect lives, health and property of mankind, comprising the following three parts.

  1. Safety Standard for Offshore buildings
  2. Design Standard for Offshore Buildings
  3. Technical Standard for Offshore Buildings

The part one, Safety Standard for Offshore Buildings specifies the basic concept concerning location, construction and application of offshore buildings.

The part two specifies the general standard and procedures of designing individual offshore building based on the concept concerning Safety Standard specified in the said part one in order to make the designing more rational and efficient.

The part three specifies the technical standard required for the said part one, Safety Standard and the said part two Design Standard and shall be amended hereafter in compliance with the progress of research and the advance of technology.

This paper refers to the contents included in the said part one and two and the part three is entirely omitted, as it contains so many items under consideration.

* Manuscript received on July 1, 1971
** Research Member, Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction

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