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Experimental Research on Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Conlumns.

M.Hirosawa, T.Endo; February, 1974. 28p.


The research works in Japan on earthquake resistant design of building structures are highly estimated in the world. However, through the experience that many structures suffered serious damages by earthquakes which occurred recently in many part of the world, it became important to review existing aseismatic design method.

Under these background, Ministry of Construction started the large project - Establishment of New Aseismic Design Method - on five years program from 1972. The synthetic experimental research on columns of reinforced concrete buildings, introduced here, was adopted as the main subject in the branch of upper structure in the project.

The objectives of the research are as follows;
1) To obtain quantitative conclusions for reinforcing columns to make them ductile.
2) To establish the method to inspect earthquake resistant properties of existing reinforced concrete buildings.
3) To propose structural system to reinforce existing reinforced concrete buildings.

Building Research Institue, Ministry of Construction, organized the following two committees as advisary organizations for execution of the project.

1) Congress for Researches on Earthquake Resistant Buildings; Chairman, Dr. H. Umemura, and 36 members
2) Committee on Reinforced Concrete Structures; Chairman, Dr. Y. Higashi, and 14 members

For these objectives, the committee on reinforced concrete structures were held 39 times up to August, 1973, and the following results were obtained:

1) Collection and analysis of past experimental results.
2) Investigation and analysis of structural factors of columns in existing buildings.
3) Making up the total experimental plan.
4) Execution of the experiment scheduled in 1972.
5) Decision of experimental plan for 1973.

The actual contents of the executed and the scheduled experiments are listed up in the Table 1.

Out of the results concerning 5 series, 95 specimens in total, finished already, ductility of each specimens and factors which affect ductility are discussed in this report.

I M. Hirosawa : Chief, Reseacher, Structural Division, Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction
II T. Endo : Research Member, Structural Division, Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction
* This study was performed as a part of the Ministry Project "Research and Development of A New Aseismic Design System".

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