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Random Response of Single-degree-of-freedom System with General Slip Hysteresis.

Y.Matsushima; July, 1979. 37p.


This paper is concerned with the analytical estimation of probabilistic properties of the stationary random response for the single-degree-of-freedom system with the "general slip" hysteresis, when subjected to the Gaussian white excitation. The expressions presented herein cover those obtained in the previous paper 1) as to the bilinear characteristic, since the billinear restoring force is an extreme case of the "general slip"hysteresis.

The theoretical expressions have been examined by the digital simulation. As the results, the analytical solution of R.M.S. displacement has coincided with the corresponding experimental one with sufficient accuracy except when either the input intensity is quite low or the plastic stiffness ratio is close to unity. The theoretical R.M.S. plastic deformations have been in good agreement with simulation estimates excluding the cases where either the input intensity or the plastic stiffness ratio is close to zero.

The theoretical values of the expected accumulated plastic deformation have agreed quite well with simulated ones over the wide ranges of related parameters. In addition, it has been verified that the response of the system where both the bilinear and the "pure slip" hysteresis loops are mixed together can be well predicated by the solution of the equivalent"general slip" characteristic.

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