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Test Control in BRI Pseudo Dynamic Test System.

S.Okamoto*1, T.Kaminosono*2, M.Nakashima*2, H.Kato*3; March, 1986. 35p.


This paper reports on the pseudo dynamic (PSD) test system developed until 1984 in the Large Scale Structure test Laboratory of the Building Research Institute (BRI), Ministry of Construction, JAPAN.

As the PSD test response is known very sensitive to errors included during the test, diabolical care is needed for the PSD test operation so that the errors would be minimized. BRI has developed a variety of PSD test control systems designed specially for PSD test of large scale structural systems. The major systems thus developed include 1) closed loop test operation, 2) actuator control system, 3) measuring by digital displacement transducers, and 4) accuracy control system. Details of those systems are depicted in this paper.

Demonstration of the effectiveness of those systems was also given using a four story steel braced frame model. PSD test of this model verified that the specially designed systems could function properly to ensure good test results.

*1 Director,*2 Research Engineer,*3 Assistant Research Engineer Production Department, Building Research Institute,Ministry of Construction

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