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Theoretical Investigation on Durability of Reinforced Concrete with External Thermal Insulations Based Upon Diffusion of Water and Oxygen.

T.Fukushima*1; October, 1989. 30p.


For the purpose of rational prediction of service life for external vertical walls of reinforced concrete with external thermal insulations, fundamental mathematical models are developed for conceptual models describing the principal degradation phenomena that may occur in service of these external thermal insulation systems, taking account of their merits of the protective function for structual reinforced concrete. Supposing the continuously wet situations of thermal insulations due to the inner dew condensation or the permeation of water of driving rains, theoretical dynamic analysis has been carried out for the subsequent deterioration processes of structual reinforced concrete. The deterioration processes include two stages.

One is the diffusion of water and oxygen through concrete inwards from the interface between thermal insulations and concrete, and the other is the corrosion of reinforcing steel in already-neutralized concrete. Results predicted by theoretical analysis are discussed from the viewpoint of the evaluation of the durability as function with time of the systems of reinforced concrete with external thermal insulations.

Key_Words : Thermal Insulation, Reinforced Concrete, Pre-diction, Diffusion, Corrosion, Deterioration, Dew Condensation,Mathematical Model

* This paper was reproduced from the manuscript prepared for the First International Congress : " From Materials Science to Construction Materials Engineering " , held in Paris-Versailles,on September 7-11, 1987.
*1Special Researcher for Advanced Technology, Dr.Eng.

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