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Tall Building Cladding Systems in Japan Case Study on Several Innovative Example During 40 Years after World War‡U.

T.Yashiro*1; March, 1991.41p.


This paper introduces examples of unique trials in fabrication and detailing of tall building cladding design practice since 1945 until 1985 in Japan.

In the first chapter, how Japanese architects and engineers learned the design practice of curtain walls are reviewed briefly.

In the second chapter, the contribution of Japanese craftsmanship to innovative fabrication of tall building cladding components is illustrated with several examples including examples of cladding finishes.

In the last chapter, Japanese severe natural conditions are explained first, and detailing for earthquakes and rainfalls are exemplified.

Through the consideration here, factors of craftsmanship and mindfulness for severe natural condition affect important role in innovation of fabrication and detailing of tall building cladding systems in Japan during four decades after the second world war.

Tomonari Yashiro, Dr.Eng, Senior research officer, Building Research Institute MOC
Isao Sakamoto, Dr.Eng, Professor, department of architecture, the Univ. of Tokyo

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