BRI Research Paper

No.148 Technical Design Data towardLow Energy Houses with Validated
Effectiveness (Chinese Version)

Translated by IWATA Tsukasa, IWATA Sako, Zhang Hailan

January 2010


  Japan declared 80% of carbon dioxide emission quantity reduction from the present situation by 2050 to make the low carbon society realized. To achieve this long-term goal, it is necessary to restrain a carbon dioxide emission for the promotion of energy saving in the housing and the building field. However, the housing itself requires the quality improvement of the residential environment such as healthy promotion, convenience and amenity. To solve both of the energy saving and the environmental improvement at the same time, we need to establish the more rational building technique and become them popular.
  Council for Science and Technology Policy declared “The Diplomatic Promotion of theScience and Technology” in 19th May 2008. This declaration described the necessity of the active research and development for the environmental engineering about the housing and the building in the hot and humid area and to make the result spread to the Asian countries and so on are described.
  China which has the maximum population of the world achieves a rapid economic development. In near future, its rapid energy increase will be expected and its influence over the global environment is worried about. Especially, the rapid urbanization up to an economic development and the huge of the construction in China will increase the huge operation energy of the housing and buildings in the future.
  Building Research Institute and National Institute of Land and Infrastructure Management carried out the research project “Validation of Energy Saving Technologies for Residential Buildings and Their Promotion Tools (2001~2004)” and “Development of Housing and Urban Infrastructure Management Technology for Sustainable Society and Safe Environment (Development of support systems for autonomous and renewable energy and resource type housing and urban infrastructure)(2001~2004)”. This document is the Chinese version of Technical Design Data toward Low Energy Houses with Validated Effectiveness about the Temperate Zone in Japan which is the study results of each of both institutes.
  Seeking technical know-how outside and various knowledge when both institutes researched and developed, It tackled technical development while installing "Committee for Low Energy Housing with Validated Effectiveness" (the chairman : Mr. Kiyonori Miisho : Professor (those days) of Shibaura Institute of Technology) which requested the specialists of each field of the industry-university-government to participate in the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation. Specifically, the Second Section “Design Guidelines of Low Energy Housing with Validated Effectiveness for Designer” of the this document got and created cooperation of the person concerned in this committee.
  This document was translated by Dr. Tsukasa Iwata (Senior Researcher, Building Research Institute), Ms. Sako Iwata (CEO, MYStudio Inc.), Ms. Zhang Hailan (General Planner,Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute) getting cooperation of the staff under Mr.Xia Nanghai (Professor, Tongji University).
  Finally, it is expected to send honorific respect for the effort cooperation of a lot of researchers, engineer, and the related all of you involved in this project, writing, and the translation of this document. We expect that the housing energy saving and the residential environment and amenity improvement through the practical design technique based on this document in the future.

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