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K.Watanabe ; Mass-Energy Transfer and Deterioration of Building Components. September  1995 696p.


The International Workshop on Mass-Energy Transfer and Deterioration of Building Components-Models and Characterisation of Transfer Properties-was held on 9-11 January 1995, in Paris-CSTB organised by BRI-Japan and CSTB-France and sponsored by STA-Science and Technology Agency of the Government of Japan through JISTEC-Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center.

The Workshop was composed of 5 sessions, the 3rd of which consisted of 2 sub-sessions as follows:

Opening Session
Session for Deterioration Phenomena in Building Components due to Mass-Energy Transfer Session_for Heat and Moisture Transfer Model
Sub-Session for Modelling related to Prediction of Hygro-Thermal Condition in Building Components
Sub-Session for Measurements and Characterisation of Material Properties related to Heat and Moisture Transfer
Session for Modelling of Deterioration in Building Comnonents due to Mass-Energy Transfer
Closing Session

Each session began with a keynote lecture giving an overview of the session. This was followed by several reports by active young researchers. Discussions by more senior researchers were initiated after the reports.

The participants were authorities of different disciplines from various countries selected by the Organising Committee as shown in the list.

The Organising Committee was composed of two international co-operative research groups working on the similar subject, both of which felt the workshop would provide deeper insight into their research works. These are

  1. 1) France-Japan Co-operative Research on Deterioration of Building Components due to Heat and Moisture Transfer between CSTB-France and BRI-Japan.
  2. 2) U.K.-Japan Co-operative Research on Deterioration of Building Components due to Mass and Energy Transfer between Bristol University-U.K. and Kobe University-Japan.

The Workshop was followed by the Post-Workshop Discussion including the Proposal for Conclusion of the Workshop made by Kazumasa WATANABE, president of the Organising Committee and the comments to this proposal by the participants.

This Proceedings is willing to show all the discussions made by the participants during the whole procedure of the workshop including the Post-Workshop Discussion.

President of the Organising Committee
Building Research Institute-Japan

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