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 T.Fukuta ; The First Management Panel on Collaboration Research Activities Between JRC-ISIS & JBRI.  October  1996  323p.


The collaboration between the Institute for Safety Technology of Joint Research Center of Commission of the European Communities and the Building Research Institute of the Japanese Ministry of Construction (JBRI) was initiated on the field of the large scale structural testing method in the discussion on the third of March, 1992. The research results and technical information on the field have been exchanged each other by delivery of some research staffs and by using the mails. The Institute for Safety Technology was reorganized to be the Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety (JRC-ISIS) in this spring.

The experience on the occasion of the big earthquake hit the Kobe area in January 17, 1995, forced us understand the necessity of closer cooperation on the overall field of seismic engineering. Being processed some negotiation, we concluded to start the cooperation of the research activities on the extended fields, i.e., the five new research items, on November 22, 1995, at ISPRA in Italy.

(ITEM 1): Comparison of the seismic performance of building structures designed according to the current European and Japanese Norms (comparison)
(ITEM 2): Development and validation of new design methods based on performance concepts (performance concepts)
(ITEM 3): Study of seismic action, such as impulsive type of ground motion in near-source areas or long-duration long-period motion in the far field over soft soil (seismic action)
(ITEM 4): Study of the concepts of base isolation and seismic response control for building structures (base isolation)
(ITEM 5): Vulnerability assessment, repair and strengthening of existing building structures (repair)

The first Management Panel on Collaboration Research Activities between JRC-ISIS and JBRI was held in April 22 & 23, 1996. The detailed research activities were discussed on the foregoing five items in addition to the item" Development of large scale experimental method ". This proceeding is a record of the meeting.

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