Department of Fire Engineering

The Department of Fire Engineering studies methods for ensuring the safety of people in case of fire in a building or city and methods for minimizing the economic loss caused by fires. The department investigates the physical behaviors of materials, components, and structures at elevated temperatures during fires, analyzes evacuation behaviors of people, and researches and develops comprehensive methods for fire safety evaluation
Department of Fire Engineering
Full-scale burn tests using a wooden three-story apartment building.

Research and Development Subject List

MEMBERS (Last Update: Feb. 01,2018)

Name Position Research Field
Koichi Koshiumi Director Building Regulatory System
Tomohiro Naruse, Dr. Chief Research Engineer Fire Physics
Koji Kagiya, Dr. Chief Research Engineer Fire Physics
Yoshikazu Deguchi, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Evacuation Safety
Masaki Noaki, Dr. Research Engineer Burning behavior, Suppression

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