Summary of the Field Survey and Research on "The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake" (the Great East Japan Earthquake)

September, 2011
National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM)
Building Research Institute (BRI)

In order to learn lessons from the unprecedented disaster and contribute to the improvement of disaster mitigation measures, the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM) and the Building Research Institute (BRI) has sent staff members to the affected regions and conducted extensive surveys on the damage to buildings and residential lands caused by the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent fires. The types and parts of buildings on which these surveys have been conducted included wooden houses, reinforced concrete buildings, steel buildings, residential lands, non-structural components and seismically isolated buildings. In addition, NILIM and BRI have conducted scientific researches on the earthquake and tsunami and analyzed recorded strong motions from various sites across Japan. This report consists of the main results from these surveys and researches.

Tsunami Source Model

Cover - Preface - Table of Contents (PDF/0.1MB)
1. Introduction (PDF/0.1MB)
2. Outline of Research and Field Survey (PDF/0.4MB)
3. Overview of Damage (PDF/0.4MB)
4. Outline of Earthquake and Tsunami (PDF/1.3MB)
5. Earthquake Motions and Strong motion Observation in Buildings (PDF/0.7MB)
6. Damage to Buildings by Earthquake Motions
6.1 Policy on Earthquake Damage Investigation for Buildings (PDF/0.1MB)
6.2 Damage to Wood Houses (PDF/3.0MB)
6.3 Damage to Reinforced Concrete Buildings (PDF/1.4MB)
6.4 Damage to Steel Gymnasiums (PDF/1.2MB)
6.5 Damage to Residential Land (PDF/0.3MB)
6.6 Damage to Nonstructural Components (PDF/1.0MB)
7. Damage to Buildings in Inundation Areas by Tsunami (PDF/1.7MB)
8. Damage of Buildings, etc. due to Fire (PDF/0.4MB)
9. Response of Seismically Isolated Buildings (PDF/1.1MB)
10. Concluding Remarks - Back Cover (PDF/0.1MB)
  Cover - Chapter5 (PDF/2.5MB)
  Chapter6 (PDF/6.8MB)
  Chapter7 - Back Cover (PDF/3.1MB)
  Cover - Back Cover (full version) (PDF/11.9MB)

Pictures of Field Survey in Affected Areas

The Great East Japan Earthquake Damage Report in the Japan Journal of December 2011.

IISEE's special page of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

US-Japan joint meeting in August 2011 including information exchange on the Great East Japan Earthquake

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