Department of Environmental Engineering

Buildings and houses that have little adverse effect on the environment are increasingly demanded to protect the global environment. The Department of Environmental Engineering is developing various methods and technologies to efficiently build resource and energy-saving, healthy, and comfortable buildings. It also studies the life styles of people, which are related to energy consumption, and develops methods for evaluating and examining the environmental performances of buildings.
Department of Environmental Engineering
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Research and Development Subject List

MEMBERS (Last Update: Apri. 01,2017)

Name Position Research Field
Toshihiro Sankai, Dr. Director Building Equipment, Water Environment, Water System
Yasunobu Ashie, Dr. Research Fellow Energy System Using Hydrogen, Heat and water Transfer, Urban heat island, Thermal Stratification Wind Tunnel
Shigeki Nishizawa, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Thermal Environment (Natural Ventilation, Solar Shading, Passive Solar)
Hisashi Miura, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Evaluation of energy saving technologies, Heating and cooling equipment in residential building

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