Department of Environmental Engineering R&D Subject List

Principal research and development subjects conducted so far are as follows. Although each subject has link to a PDF file where the outline of the subject is described basically in Japanese.

Currently Enforced Subjects for Fiscal Year 2015
(Please note that outlines of currently enforced subjects are only in Japanese.)

  1. Verification and Systematization of Evaluation Method of Performance for Consolidation of Energy-Conservation Standards of Building
  2. Study on Hyper-Water-Saving System corresponding to large-scale disaster
  3. Development of energy efficient lighting design method by appropriate distribution of luminous flux in indoor space
  4. Examination of the control characteristic of the multi-split type air-conditioning system for evaluating energy efficiency
  5. Development of the evaluation index for the thermal capacity design of buildings
  6. Feasibility study on disaster type Building Equipment for resilience improvement of building corresponding to damage of infrastructure by large-scale disaster
  7. Primitive study on occupants’ window air conditioner operating behavior for development of window/air conditioner control system of a smart house

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2014

  1. Study on evaluation methodology for VAV (Variable Air Volume) systems with a rotational inverter control in commercial buildings
  2. Technical examination concerning the sound insulation improvement of the large-scale timber building

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2013

  1. Upgrade of Evaluation Method of Energy Conservation Performance of House and Commercial Building for Consolidation of Energy-Conservation Standards
  2. Study on Overcoming of Technical Issues concerning Ultra Water Saving System of Building
  3. Technical Study on Performance Evaluation Method of JOKASO
  4. Examination of skin and heating equipment planning methods for high-ceiling dwelling space

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2011

  1. Study on measurement and evaluation method of floor impact sound and floor vibration
  2. Study on Operational Method for Energy Demand and Supply Network with Energy Storage Systems

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2010

  1. Development of Technology for Low Carbon Buildings and Community during Life Cycle
  2. Development of Wastewater Treatment System Based on Water Use Reduction Technology for Effective Use of Water Resources and Reduction of Environmental Impact
  3. Development of the Design Method for Integrating the Envelope Thermal Performance and the Heating and Cooling System Performance in residential buildings

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2009

  1. Development of Ventilation and Source Control Technology to Decrease Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds
  2. Development of New Energy Supply System for House and Building Installed with New Technology Related to Energy Production and Storage
  3. Development of renovation design approach for the realization of CO2 reduction target in an air-conditioning system

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2008

  1. Study on Technology that Effectively Improves Energy Conservation Performance of Buildings and Application Technique to Existing Buildings
  2. Study on an estimation method of urban morphology for the reduction of urban heat islands
  3. Development of Environment Load Reduction Technology using Performance Improvement of Existing JOKASO SYSTEM and its Evaluation Method
  4. Basic Studies on Effective Use of Unutilized Resources for Environment Load Reduction
  5. Study on the proposal of measurement of floor impact sound insulation and reduction of transmitted impact sound and the development of measures method

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2007

  1. Development of Evaluation Index for Optimum Design and Field Performance for Heating and Cooling Appliances for Residential House

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2006

  1. Study on Optimum Technologies to Apply New Energy Devices to Houses and Buildings for Carbon Dioxide Reduction
  2. Study on Rationalization of Measuring Method and Design of Ventilation to contribute to Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2005

  1. Study on Reliability in the Measurement of Floor Impact Sound Insulation using Standard Heavy/Soft Impact Sources

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2004

  1. Validation of Energy Saving Technologies for Residential Buildings and Their Promotion Tools
  2. Study on the measurement and the evaluation of substantial thickness of various concrete slabs from a viewpoint of impact sound insulation of floor
  3. Study on Development of Qualitative Evaluation Technique with the Imaginary Zonal Division in the Cross Ventilation Space
  4. Quantitative analysis on effects by urban heat island countermeasures
  5. Study on Structure of Residential Energy Consumption and Development of Evaluation Method for its Energy System

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2003

  1. Prediction and Reduction Techniques of Chemical Pollutant Concentration in Buildings
  2. Study on the urban wind construction for the comfort and safety in urban areas

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2002

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2001

  1. Researches on technology utilizing artificial satellites for dealing with disasters
    - Observational technology of the environmental information in residential urban areas -
  2. Experimental Research For Residential Cross Ventilation and Sun Shading Design
  3. Development of Residential HVAC System Adapting to Lifestyle in Mild Climate Regions
  4. Studies on Laboratory Measurement of the Reduction of Transmitted Heavy and Soft Impact Source Sound by Floor Coverings

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