Department of Housing and Urban Planning

 The department aims at improvement for planning methods of housings, buildings and cities toward sustainable, mature society. Considering the aging of the society, the department develops rational and objective planning methods of housings, buildings and urban spaces that meet varied public demands. The research of the department includes development of evaluation tool of urban spaces, activities and living environments, through data collection and analysis.
The beautiful streetscape of Miharu, Fukushima. It was achieved by the new method of arrangement planning which residents concern and propose by themselves with consideration for regionality and neighborhood areas.
"Kata-aki-no-sato" is an accommodation facility providing hands-on experience of livable and comfortable daily life in a wooden detached house.

Research and Development Subject List

MEMBERS (Last Update: Apri. 01,2018)

Name Position Research Field
Tetsuya Nakamura Director Housing, Urban Planning
Nozomu Kiuchi, Dr. Research Fellow Urban Planning (City Master Plan, Land Use Planning, Improvement of Residential Districts)
Fumitake Meno, Dr. Chief Research Engineer Housing, Urban Planning
Tatsuya Iwami Senior Research Engineer Urban Disaster Reduction, City Fire
Tomohiko Sakata, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Urban Spatial Information, GIS, Urban Analysis, Urban Plannig Survey, Urban Planning
Yuko Takeda Senior Research Engineer Landscape Planning
Kohji Tomita Senior Research Engineer Housing Policy, Urban Policy, Architecture, Revitalization,Renovation, Placemaking, Public Space Public Life, Third Place, Building Damage Assessment, Real Estate Information
Akinori KonnoResearch EngineerHousing, Urban Planning

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