Department of Housing and Urban Planning R&D Subject List

Principal research and development subjects conducted so far are as follows. Although each subject has link to a PDF file where the outline of the subject is described basically in Japanese.

Currently Enforced Subjects for Fiscal Year 2015
(Please note that outlines of currently enforced subjects are only in Japanese.)

  1. Research of architectural design technology transfer method of energy-saving housings with consideration of Asian housings and regional characteristics - within Asian monsoon region -
  2. Research on planning and management technique of community development for society of health and longevity
  3. Study on management technique of field survey using a personal digital assistant
  4. Fundamental study about practical techniques trends in city planning basic survey
  5. A Study on the Mechanism of Human Casualty Occurrence due to Fire Spread in an Urban Area
  6. Study for a Method to Grasp Regional Conditions of Vacant Dwellings by Using Statistical Data
  7. Study on methods of improving building performance toward establishing strategic management of wooden public housing stock
  8. Greening method at a building site for the purpose of increasing bio-diversity in city area

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2014

  1. Evaluation of indigenous tree species ratio of building greening in Kanto region

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2013

  1. Study on low-carbon housing design technique for detached house in Asian hot & humid area
  2. Study on the Management Technology for Long-Term Preservation and Improvemen tof Housing Value
  3. A Research on Community Building for Stable Living of Elderly People
  4. Study on Efficiency of Field Survey of Buildings Using a Personal Digital Assistant
  5. Study on Supply and Demand of Temporary Housing and Reconstruction Housing Based on the Socio-Economic Situation of Area hit by Great Earthquake

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2012

  1. The cost-benefit analysis method of environmental contribution by urban development projects
  2. Study on Methods of Population Estimation for Local Authorities to Define the Urban Growth Boundaries in the Age of Depopulation

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2010

  1. Development of Measures to Enhance Security of Urban Areas
  2. Study on the Activation Method of Housing Stock Market
  3. Study on Methods to Maintain and Improve a Housing Environment by Local Residents
  4. Study on the evaluation method of aging public buildings in consideration of their historical and cultural value in Downtown
  5. Study on the Low Carbon Housing Construction System for Hot & Humid Region.
  6. Study on a Method to Grasp the Characteristics of Region by Using Statistical Data

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2009

  1. The study of measuring value of the effectiveness of Green Architecture Techniques corresponding to the life cycle cost
  2. Study on land use controls appropriate for depopulation ages.

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2008

  1. Development of financial technology to drive investment in earthquake protection
  2. Study on Technical Guideline about City Planning Survey for Local Governments.
  3. Study on Reorganization Method of Urban Area in Population Decrease Society
  4. Research on Consumers’ Anxieties over Housing Acquisition and Related Support Technologies
  5. Study on a practical method to identify a building on different kinds of spatial information

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2007

  1. Feasibility study for revitalization of the resale housing market
  2. Study on Human & Environment-friendly Permeable Pavement Technology for Beautiful Townscape

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2006

  1. Basic Study on the Effects of Greening Buildings and Grounds to Improve Urban Environment

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2005

  1. Study on the Housing and Urban Planning Technology for Japanese Beautiful Scenery by using Natural Materials.
  2. Study on City planning Basic Survey
  3. Development of a practical simulator for urban development as a four dimensional process by CD.
  4. Seismic Risk Management Technology to Promote Earthquake Preparedness of Buildings
  5. A Study on Residents’ Attitude on Safety
  6. Fundamental Study on the Urbanism in the 21st Century, and its Planning Technique.
  7. Research on the Movement of the House Construction in Asian Developing Countries

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2004

  1. Development of Evaluation Technique and Accumulation of Knowledge about the Adjustment of the Attribute Information between Different-Species Spatial Data
  2. Study on Method and Technique for Customer Satisfaction and Needs
  3. Decision Methodology in Seismic Risk Management of Buildings
  4. Study on development, improvement and management of city and community under economy and population changed

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2003

  1. Model Study on Rebuilding Non-conformed Condominiums by Flexible Application of Institutions and Block-reorganization
  2. Feasibility Study on the Tendency and the Tasks of the Technology Development Concerning Wall Greening

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2002

  1. Development of survey assistant system using handy information system
  2. Feasibility Study on development of Residential Environment Evaluation
  3. Analysis of relation between human damages and urban structure during earthquakes

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2001

  1. Development of Supply System, Maintenance and Modernization Technology for Sustainable Urban Apartment Houses
  2. Development of Technology for Rational Production of Dwelling Units
  3. Developments of dwellings with environmental friendliness and design for ageing in mind - Universal design home -
  4. Exploring housing images of the 21st century
  5. Evaluation Method & Facilitation of Residential Environment
  6. Study on Environment of Barrier Free Design such as of Outdoors and City Planning for Ageing Society

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