Department of Building Materials and Components R&D Subject List

Principal research and development subjects conducted so far are as follows. Although each subject has link to a PDF file where the outline of the subject is described basically in Japanese.

Currently Enforced Subjects for Fiscal Year 2015
(Please note that outlines of currently enforced subjects are only in Japanese.)

  1. Development of evaluation method concerning durability of building materials and components for the maintenance strategy of buildings
  2. Proposal of durability evaluation method for the sealed joints considering the behavior of building envelope systems
  3. Technical study on reliabilty-based design for timber construction
  4. Foundation study on durability evaluation of post-installed Anchor

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2014

  1. Development of the deterioration diagnosis method on thermal insulation materials for chimney pipes

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2013

  1. Study on Evaluation Method related to Physical Service Life and Resources Circulation of Building Materials and Components
  2. Study on Clarification of Social and Technical Subjects and Technical Standards for Promotion of Practical Use of Existing Buildings
  3. Development of Collapsing Analysis Method for Two-by-four Wood Houses during Earthquake

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2012

  1. Verification on deterioration of repaired asbestos containing cement sheets

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2010

  1. Development on the Utilization Method of Information about Substances Containing Building Materials
  2. Development of Quality Securing and Maintenance Technique for Materials and Components of Building and Housing under Long-term Use
  3. Development of Seismic Evaluation System of Timber Frame Structures by Collapsing Process Analysis Program
  4. Study on Reduction Effect of Concrete Shrinkage with Admixtures
  5. Follow-up Study on Renewal and Using Method of Existing Building

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2009

  1. Development of Technologies to Promote the Use of Recycled Aggregates and Wooden Materials Produced from Construction and Demolition Waste
  2. Study on Inspection Method of Wood Integrity on Existing Timber Constructions

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2008

  1. Development of Technologies to Utilize IC Tags in Buildings Development of Building Information Management System to Promote Circulation of Building Stocks
  2. Strength development of high-strength concrete in full-scale members more than 10 years
  3. Study on Renewal and Application Method of Existing Building
  4. Developoment of quantitative determination for surface roughness of coating materials for textured finishes of buildings

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2007

  1. Development of Collapsing Simulation Method of Timber Frame Structures with the Strength Distribution of the Components and the Joints.

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2006

  1. Study on Quality Control of Recycled Coarse Aggregate which uses River Sand or River Gravel as Materials and Performance Evaluation and Design of Concrete with Recycled Coarse Aggregate

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2005

  1. Study on renewal and renovation technologies for existing buildings
    -Development of renovation technologies based on user’s demand and social needs-
  2. Optimization system of mixture proportion and curing plan of concrete using computer simulation of cement hydration
  3. Evaluation of Strength Performance of Wood for Reliability-based Design
    -DOL Adjustment Factors -
  4. Development of manufacturing and evaluation technologies for engineered wood products produced from wooden deconstruction waste

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2004

  1. Emission Mechanism of Indoor Air Pollutants Contained in Building Components

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2003

  1. Establishment of the Prototype of Objective-based Durability Design System
  2. Performance Evaluation of Environment Conscious Finishing Materials
  3. Study on The Ductility and The Effect of Loading Rate to It of Wood–Based Components
  4. New materials design and quality inspection of concrete aimed to improve reliance on concrete structure
  5. Rehabilitation Effect on RC Building Inhering deterioration Factor
  6. Investigation about the basic materiality of the recycled aggregate

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2002

  1. R&D project to develop technologies to reduce the waste in the process of dismantling wooden buildings
  2. Feasibility Study on Stochastic Evaluation Method of Durability and Degradation in Existing Wooden Houses

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2001

  1. Development of Advanced Technologies for Recycling Building Materials and Components
  2. Development of technology for reducing construction project costs, including external costs
  3. Study on Environmental Impact of Chemical Substances Included in Building Materials
  4. Evaluation of the Long-Term Durability Performance of Artificial Light-Weight Concrete
  5. Evaluation and estimation of the performance of wooden structures under different service classes
  6. Evaluating Method for Basic Performance of Adhesive Strength between Concrete and Finishing Materials
  7. A Study on Evaluation of Existing surface layers of External Walls for suitable application of various Refurbishment Methods
  8. Prediction of the property of concrete based on the cement hydration mechanism
  9. Influence of Fine Aggregate quality for concrete
  10. Study on Evaluation and Prevention Method of Discontinuous Joint of Concrete
  11. Development on Strength Design Method of Shear Wall Constructed by Wooden Frames Based on Quality Evaluation of Components and Joints
  12. Fact-finding Survey on the Construction of Joints in Houses Built with Conventional Wood Framing
  13. Study on durability of interior finishing materials from the view point of visual

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