Department of Production Engineering

The Department of Production Engineering researches and develops rational systems of building production, methods for producing buildings that satisfy various demands and have well-balanced performances, methods for preventing defects in construction works, measures to respond to advanced information society, and other technologies that are related to building production.
Department of Production Engineering
Systematizing of building production through ICT.

Research and Development Subject List

MEMBERS (Last Update: Apri. 01,2018)

Name Position Research Field
Satoru Takahashi Director Building System, FM, Information Management
Miho Makatayama, Dr. Chief Research Engineer Building Construction and Management of Projects, Diagnosis Method for Inspection
Masaki Muto, Dr. Chief Research Engineer CM, PM, BIM
Kumiko Ono, Dr. Senior Research Engineer Production Engineering, Facility Evaluation, Safety in daily life
Yusuke Oki, Dr. Research Engineer Non-structural components, Structural mechanics
Hiroki Takabayashi, Dr. Research Engineer Digital Construction, Building Construction

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