Department of Production Engineering R&D Subject List

Principal research and development subjects conducted so far are as follows. Although each subject has link to a PDF file where the outline of the subject is described basically in Japanese.

Currently Enforced Subjects for Fiscal Year 2015
(Please note that outlines of currently enforced subjects are only in Japanese.)

  1. Research on a format of information database for the spread of Japanese technique of housing production in Southeast Asian Countries
  2. Study on seismic design forces on nonstructural components considering structural characteristics of buildings
  3. Resaerch on man-hours required for labor works in the renovation of wooden houses
  4. Research on IFC expression of the information required for building certification
  5. Fundamental study on seismic design of buildings using response reduction effect due to uplift

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2014

  1. Study on electronic submission technologies for building certification on technical standards conformity

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2013

  1. Development of mid-rise and large-scale timber buildings for further utilization of timber resources
  2. Fundamental study for overseas deployment of the pertinent art concerning the universal design
  3. Study on the method of the modeling and setting parameters of ceilings for seismic design
  4. Basic Research on Organization of Functions of Restroom Space aimed for Reducing Concentration of Using of the Multi purpose Toilets in Public Facilities

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2011

  1. Study on the information providing method of construction contractor selection for the housing renovation which contributes to consumer protection
  2. Survey on the integration of the information associated with construction production by IT and those spread situations
  3. Study on the basic investigation for the spread of Universal Design House in Asia.
  4. Study on Seismic Design of Suspended Ceiling

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2010

  1. Study on the Bathing System for the supporting independence life in aged society.
  2. Development of ICT Aided Quality Improvement Technologies for Wooden Houses

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2009

  1. Fundamental research on the applicability of "the human center design process" to an architectural design process

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2008

  1. Development of technologies for safer houses and living environments
  2. Research of Pile that Corresponds to Shearing Displacement of Ground
  3. Study on the durability and safety about a repairing wetted type walls onto reinforced concrete for prevented delamination
  4. Influence of quality control about construction conditions and environment onto physical properties of reinforced concrete components

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2007

  1. Research on the briefing technology for raising customer satisfaction and enabling management of a construction project efficiently

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2006

  1. Survey for evaluation technology of environmental aspect concerning architectural production
  2. Study on Maintenance and Utilization of Building Information for Long-Term Building Management

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2005

  1. Feasibility Study on Research and Development of Management System for Existing Buildings
  2. Study on Limit Strength Calculation Method Considering Pile Foundation
  3. Fundamental Study on The Practical Use of Thermography Method by The Artificial Additional Heating
  4. Study on Maintenance of Building Members by Monitoring Method

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2004

  1. Development and Research of Workflow Analysis/Planning Engineering in Building Construction
  2. Study on Connecting Technology of Structural Steel Members by the Joint of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites
  3. More Attractive Visual Techniques for A/E/C Information
  4. Study on Remodeling Method of Dwelling Units in Existing Apartment Houses Based on Residents’ Needs
  5. Development of the Dynamic Environmental Design Data Based on a Human Body Size and Function
  6. Feasibility Study on Research and Development of New Building Systems Using Innovative Structural Materials
  7. Research on the meaning and the practical use of a briefing in a U.S. construction productive process

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2003

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2002

  1. Study on Effective Utilization and Performance Evaluation of Welding Robots for Building Structures
  2. Study on The Tiled Wall of Repair Style Method of Construction

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2001

  1. Feasibility Study on Workflow Analysis for Building Construction Project
  2. An Experimental Study on the Deteriorating Mechanism of Tiled Wall
  3. Development of a pre-evaluation system for the effect of legal regulations related to regional arrangement on architectural space forming

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