Department of Structural Engineering R&D Subject List

Principal research and development subjects conducted so far are as follows. Although each subject has link to a PDF file where the outline of the subject is described basically in Japanese.

Currently Enforced Subjects for Fiscal Year 2015
(Please note that outlines of currently enforced subjects are only in Japanese.)

  1. Study on advanced technologies about input ground motion and structural model of building for more reliable response estimation against large earthquakes
  2. Development on performance based seismic design for government office buildings and evacuation facilities with post-earthquake functional use
  3. Development of Methods of Structural Performance Verification Against Tornado-induced Effect
  4. Development of various structural elements contributing to the spreading of the large space wood building
  5. Study on the Effect of Two- and Three-Dimensional Irregularities on Dynamic Characteristics of Ground
  6. Evaluation Methods for Seismic Load of Pile Foundation Considering Nonlinear Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Effect during Large Earthquake
  7. Fundamental Study on Establishment of Snow Load Based on Precipitation Data
  8. Development of the design methods for CLT structures and mid-rise timber structures
  9. Study on building foundation with reusing existing piles
  10. Study on methods of structural performance verification for practical applicability of renovation technologies with post-installed anchor at the existence apartment building
  11. Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls with Openings

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2014

  1. Study on Study on Evaluation Method of Tsunami-induced Forces Affecting on a Tsunami Evacuation Building
  2. Study on Seismic Design Method for Overturning Reinforced Concrete Buildings on Spread Foundation

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2013

  1. Study on Damage Generation Mechanism of Buildings under the Effect of Tornado

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2012

  1. Study on Engineering Criteria of Judgment to Make Structural Calculation of Buildings Clear
  2. Advance on Techniques of Response Evaluation for Super High-rise and Seismically Isolated Buildings Under Long-period Earthquake Motions
  3. Development of Seismiļ½ƒ Reinforcement Technologies of Existing Large-Scale Wood Buildings
  4. Study on the clarification of verification method of wind resistant performance for the external claddings

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2011

  1. Basic research on structural safety and refuge safety of tsunami evacuation buildings
  2. Development of Simple Reinforcement Method of Dry-masonry Concrete Block Retaining Wall
  3. Study on a Simplified Base Isolation System for Low-Rised Reinforced Concrete Buildings Structures

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2010

  1. Study on explicit criteria for technical decision necessary for structural calculation of general buildings
  2. Study on Seismic Safety Countermeasures for Long-Period Building Structures
  3. Study on Continuity and/or Resiliency of Building Function after Disasters
  4. Development of Structural Design Method of Traditional Wood Buildings
  5. Stimulatory Measures of Seismic Retrofits for Householders by Local Governments

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2009

  1. Study on the structural property of reinforced concrete structural members with nonstructural walls
  2. Effects of Ground Deformation on Damage to Foundations of Wooden Houses during Large Earthquakes

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2008

  1. Research and Development on General Seismic-Retrofitting-Technologies for Increasing Ratio of Seismically Safety Buildings
  2. Development of Reduction Technique of Damage to Non-Structural Members Cleared by Seismic or High Wind Damage, Structural Safety of Large Suspended Ceiling and Steel Roof
  3. Development of Structural and Fire safety Technology Contributive to Existence of Traditional Timber Buildings
  4. Study on Tsunami Load on a Building
  5. Study on Seismic Performance Evaluation of High-rise Buildings and Seismically Isolated Buildings for Long Period Earthquake Ground Motion

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2007

  1. Study on Evaluation of Effective Input Motion to Buildings during Earthquakes

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2006

  1. Strengthening Methods Applied to Existing School Gymnasiums
  2. Study on Evaluation Method for Effects of Eccentricity of Structural Stiffness and Capacity on Seismic Response of Building
  3. Basic Study on the Seismic Evaluation Method based on Energy Balance for R/C Structures
  4. Development of New Structural System for Disaster Resilient Buildings
  5. Study on Reparability Performance-based Seismic Design of Steel Structural Buildings

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2005

  1. Feasibility Study on Future Practical Model of Structural Performance Evaluation
  2. Structural Performance Control of Buildings by Utilizing Ductile Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite
  3. Study on Utilizing technologies of Smart Structural Systems
  4. Research and development on renewal techniques in the hope of making effective use of old existing buildings
  5. Seismic Safety of Base Isolated House with Overrun Restraint Stopper against Great Earthquake Ground Motions
  6. Study on earthquake response of one-third scale 6-story reinforced concrete structure allowing lift up behavior of a continuous shear wall
  7. Follow-up Project on Timber-based Hybrid Building Structure

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2004

  1. Comparison between U.S. and Japanese Seismic Design Codes and Provisions
  2. Study and Development on Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Wood Houses
  3. Study on Rational Design Seismic Force Assessment Based on the Recorded Motions
  4. Experimental Study on a New Reinforced Concrete Member with Damage Controlled Hinge
  5. Study on Mechanism of Aerodynamic Unstable Vibration for High-rise Buildings
  6. Construction of Evaluation Scheme for Wind Loading with Roughness Index of Ground
  7. Feasibility Study on Process of High Wind Damage for Performance-Based Wind Resistance Design
  8. Study on Development of the New Structure System Buildings

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2003

  1. Development of Technology for Hybrid Timber Building Structures
  2. Study on New Steel Structure Buildings
  3. Study on Autonomous System for Building Structure
  4. Feasibility Study on the Evaluation Method for Seismic Performance of Buildings with Irregularities of Stiffness and Strength

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2002

  1. Research and Development in the U.S.-Japan Cooperative Structural Testing Research Program on Smart Structural Systems
  2. Research and Development on Performance Evaluation and Structural Control Methods for Buildings with Soft First Story To Ensure The Seismic Safety
  3. Feasibility Study on Upgrading Existing Buildings Suitable for Next-Generation

Subjects Completed in Fiscal Year of 2001

  1. Development of High-Technology New Steel Structure Building Systems
  2. Collaborative Research Activities between Japan and EU
    (Comparison of seismic codes on the seismic performance of the building structures)
  3. Study on Torsional Vibration Behavior of Building Structures with Eccentricity by Pseudo Dynamic Test
  4. A Study on Health Monitoring of Buildings
  5. Study on Restoring Characteristics of Precast Prestressed Concrete Members
  6. Study on coefficient of horizontal subgrade reaction of pile in liquefaction process
  7. Australia-Japan Cooperative Research on Criteria of Structural Performance
  8. Study on the Evaluation Methods of Structural Performance for Structural Design
  9. Standardization of generation method of design earthquake motion
  10. Testing Methods of the Evaluation of Structural Performance for the Steel Structures
  11. Study on Location of Passive Dampers in Building Structures
  12. Study on quantification of the relationship between structural type and numerical model
  13. Effects of Soil Amplification and Soil-building Interaction on Estimation of Seismic Force to Building Foundation
  14. Study on Thixotropic Material Property for Building Structure
  15. Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Timber Structures using Energy Absorbing system
  16. Wind Load Estimation Based on Full-Scale Measurements

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